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Yuan - new and unusual items

See bottom of page for a Yuan 'Cosy Pot'.

Salt cellar
2 ins wide,
2.375 ins high

With hole in base and plastic stopper



Chocolate cup with lid
3. 75 ins high
(including lid and scr)
cup: 4 ins (top rim),
2.75 ins high (by itself)
lid: 4. 5 ins wide
scr: 6.125 ins


Toast rack
6 x 3 ins (base),
3.125 ins high
(middle arch)



Sandwich plate 
12.625 x 5.875 ins



See the plates page for square plates to fit






Dinner plate
with gold band
10 ins

A rare and striking variant on the usual blue and white pattern



Serving bowl
with gold band
9.25 ins, 2.5 ins high

A rare and striking variant on the usual blue and white pattern



Tiny jug
1.25 ins (top rim)
2.5 ins (spout-handle)
2 ins high

No taller than an ordinary matchbox, this is the only Yuan jug of this size we have seen - a rare item.




The miniature jug is shown in the photo R next to a normal-sized small YUAN hexagonal jug (see Hexagonal Yuan page)



Preserve pot and lid
3.25 ins wide (base),
3 ins (top rim),
4 ins high (top of lid)


These were made in two sizes - this is the smaller of the two.






Oval dish
10.375 x 6 ins
1 in high


Cosy Pots

These curiously-shaped tea or coffee pots were made by several companies in the 1920s, including Booths and Pountneys. Woods' Cosy Pots can be found in a large variety of patterns, many designed by Frederick Rhead, although he did not design the shape itself.

Medium Cosy Pot
4 ins (base),
7 ins high (top of spout)


Their unique feature is the patented lid, designed by Edmund Abram in 1921. Advertising material of the period described Cosy Pots thus:

"The only perfect dripless teapot - tea without leaves, coffee without grounds, lemonade without pips, a lid that cannot slip".

They were manufactured in at least three sizes - see the Woods Mayfair and Canton pages for examples of larger and smaller ones.

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