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Octagonal items


The items on this page are in Woods distinctive OCTAGONAL shape. As well as plates and bowls, this was used for hollow ware such as cups, teapots, jugs, and tureens.

Other patterns that were produced in this shape include ALVA, ORIENT, OLD BOW KAKIYEMON, RANGOON and BLUE BOMBAY.

Some items like gravy boats and teapot stands were produced in the more generic HEXAGONAL shape associated with YUAN and other Woods patterns. Some circular items were also produced.

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2.5 ins top rim,
4.75 ins spout-handle,
3 ins high









Octagonal jugs

These were produced in at least four sizes:

- 7 ins high
- 6 ins high
- 5.5 ins high
- 4.75 ins high

Please e-mail for availability and prices

These jugs sometimes come with removable metal lids...




Large teapot
6 ins wide,
3 ins (opening),
9.5 ins spout-handle,
6 ins high

with hexagonal stand




Small teapot
6.875 ins spout-handle,
4.25 ins high




The small teapot is shown (right) next to the large one for comparison


Coffee cup & saucer
cup: 2.75 ins,
2 ins high
saucer: 4.5 ins

£18 each,
£30 pair


Breakfast cup & saucer
(large cup)
cup: 4 ins (top rim),
2.75 ins high
saucer: 6 ins




Muffin dish
7.75 ins (base)
6.25 ins (lid)
3.75 ins high.

Octagonal with
circular lid






Vegetable tureen & lid
10.5 ins
(between handles)
5 ins high
(top of lid)









Sauce tureen and stand with ladle
5.5 ins wide,
7 ins
(between handles),
4.125 ins high
(top of lid)

For details of ladle please click here




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