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Other shapes

Although most WESTOVER items are found in the OCTAGONAL shape that it shares with its sister pattern ALVA, some items like gravy boats and teapot stands were produced in Woods standard HEXAGONAL shape, found across a wide range of patterns such as YUAN, WINCANTON, CANTON and TSING.

Please note that the hexagonal jugs found in these patterns do not appear with the WESTOVER or ALVA pattern since they have their own octagonal shape (see p2).


CIRCULAR plates, jugs and bowls can occasionally be found also.



We currently have the following items in stock:



Tiny creamer

1.5 ins (top rim)
2.625 ins (spout-handle)
2.125 ins high






Small sugar bowl

2.875 ins,
1.5 ins high





For details of small teapot (right), please click here








 Gravy boat

2.5 ins wide
8 ins (spout-handle)
2.5 ins
(lowest height)



Unlike other Woods gravy boats we have seen, the WESTOVER one has a different transfer on each side - the man on the bridge faces left on one side, right on the other.




Teapot stand

5.5 ins across




1.875 ins at top,
2.375 ins high


£12 each


Cruet set

Mustard pot, pepper pot and salt dip in triangular holder




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