WOOD & SONS - Westover

This pattern was produced for the retailers DBC and has their backstamp in place of the Woods one. The Registration No is 737159, dating the design to 1928, but items sometimes have earlier impressed dates.


WESTOVER is very similar to Woods' ALVA pattern, and both were probably designed by Frederick Rhead.

The photo right shows two saucers for comparison (ALVA is on the right).

The shapes of items in both patterns are identical - an oriental-looking octagonal design which is one of Woods most distinctive creations. Other patterns produced in this octagonal shape include OLD BOW KAKIYEMON, RANGOON, and BLUE BOMBAY.


The central design, with the figure of a chinaman crossing a bridge, has affinities with the famous WILLOW pattern - note the two lovebirds close by.

See our GAUDY WILLOW page for other similar patterns.

The WESTOVER border of diagonally alternating leaves with a brown rim is very similar to Booths' well-known NETHERLANDS pattern, which was produced around the same time. We're not sure who copied who!


Many people, having failed to find the DBC mark in Godden and other reference books, are of the opinion that DBC indicates the firm of DUNN BENNETT & Co. However, their mark was DB & Co, not DBC, and final proof that this is a Woods product was found during our visit to the Wood & Sons factory in Burslem (before the company folded in 2006), where we found the design in a 1925 pattern book.

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to find out what the DBC initials stand for - if you have any ideas please let us know!

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