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This Japanese-influenced pattern has the Registration Number 662903, dating it to 1918+.

It features a selection of seated or standing Geisha girls in exotic costumes, with Bonsai trees in pots nearby. It is not known whether the pattern was the work of art director Frederick Rhead, or of another designer working at Woods at the time.

In a similar fashion to Frederick Rhead's famous Yuan pattern, the design varies according to the size of the item, making it a fascinating pattern to collect - note the range of different women and trees in the photos below...

In common with many other Woods patterns, there also exist hand-coloured versions, not only over the blue transfer but occasionally on a brown one, but these are hard to find.

Click here to view some examples of Coloured Tsing.

There are six pages of blue & white Tsing on this site, as shown on the menu below. All items have the 'urn' mark, used until c. 1930 (shown right).

These were made in the following sizes:

Dinner 10 in
Dessert 9 in
Side 7.5 ins
Tea 6.5 in

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Meat platters
These were made in at least four sizes:

Large 16 x 12.5 ins
Medium 14.375 x 11 ins
Small 12 x 9.5 ins
Small 10.75 x 8.25 ins

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Bowls and serving dishes
Oval or circular

Sizes range from 5 ins to 10.25 ins across.

Click here for details and photos

Vegetable and
sauce tureens

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Hexagonal items

Teapots, lidded sugar bowls, jugs, creamers and gravy boats
were produced in Woods' elegant hexagonal shape associated with patterns such as Yuan, Canton and Wincanton.

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Teacups (circular)

Click here for details and photos

Tiny jug and sugar bowl

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