WOOD & SONS - Stanley

An elegant floral design by Frederick Rhead, STANLEY shares the same shape as AQUILA, NILE, and other Woods designs of the mid 1920s, easily identified by the prominently indented rim with ochre trim, and the pierced handles of items such as jugs, teapots and gravy boats (see jug below).

The Reg No 717066 dates the pattern to 1925+.

The items shown below are the plain BLUE and WHITE version.
NB: All are the same shade of blue - any variation is due to lighting conditions only.

Occasional examples have hand-painted gold detailing on the leaves, or a gold rim.

To view HAND-COLOURED versions on blue, brown and green transfers, click here.


Medium jug
4.25 ins
(top rim),
7 ins
5.5 ins high
(top of spout)









Cake plate
9 ins

Circular with 'ears'

Impressed 1930




Dessert bowl
8 ins






Fruit bowl
6.5 ins

Traces of gold on rim





Tea plate
7 ins

Impressed 1928





Meat platters

These were manufactured in at least three sizes:


Small - £18
10.75 x 8.25 ins

Medium - £22
12 x 9.5 ins

Large - £28
14 x 11 ins


Impressed 1925 or 1926


Set of three platters



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To view COLOURED versions of the STANLEY pattern, click here.

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