Frederick Rhead fancy ware

When Frederick Rhead joined Wood & Sons as art director in 1912, he began to design a range of 'fancy' items in addition to the more everyday tableware, including vases, bowls, dishes, ginger jars, etc...

These are nowadays quite hard to find and are becoming increasingly prized by discerning collectors, many of whom also collect Charlotte Rhead's work from the same period.

Wood & Sons' range of 'fancy' wares included the following Frederick Rhead designs:

Chung, Formosa, Kang-Hi, Korea, Kylin, Prunus, Sheraton

In 1919 the trade mark BURSLEY WARE was introduced for this type of item, and the back stamp no longer included 'Woods & Sons' as the firm's name. Some of the patterns mentioned above continued to be manufactured with the new Bursley backstamp. In addition the following new Frederick Rhead patterns were introduced:

Amstel, Bagdad, Benares, Dragon, Merton, Selah, Sylvan

Some fancy items were also made for the following retailers, whose backmark they bear instead of the Bursley or Woods one:

HH&G (Hales, Hancock & Godwin)
Korea, Red Parrot, Yellow Parrot

Brocade, Caliph, Ming


This is one of Frederick Rhead's most striking designs for Woods' range of fancy wares,

Produced on a shiny black ground, the pattern features a stylised tree with beautifully-shaded oriental blossoms in pink and orange.



Serving dish
10.75 x 9 ins
1.75 ins high

Square with handles





NB: The apparent white colouring of the handle in the detail (L) is due to camera reflection. In reality the handles are the same deep shiny black as the main part of the plate.



Fancy dish
11.5 x 8.25 ins
1.75 ins high

Oval with handles





Tall vase
3.5 ins top rim,
6.5 ins wide,
10.5 ins high

Gold rim

Some restoration




There is a tight hairline inside the rim for about 1 inch - doesn't show on outside.

F Winkle & Co - Canton

We recently discovered this vase with a design strikingly similar to SHERATON, but with a hatched border consisting of criss-crossed green leaves.

Although one might think that this is a Sheraton 'copy', the vase appears to date from c. 1908-10, which predates the Woods version.

Another possibility is that they are both drawn from an earlier design by an unknown artist.

If YOU can throw any light on this, we'd love to hear from you!

Please e-mail us at:

3.75 ins top rim
7.25 ins high


The mark contains the words WHEILDON WARE in a circular shield, the pattern name CANTON in a scroll, and F WINKLE & Co, ENGLAND

According to Godden's Encyclopedia, after 1910 the mark would have included LTD also.




Note the bird (above) and small flowers (right), which do not appear in the SHERATON pattern.


More Frederick Rhead 'fancy' patterns:

Kylin - Prunus - Caliph - Ming - Kang-Hi - Chung

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