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This elegant pattern features two parrots perched above a bunch of grapes, with two butterflies. The design is outlined by an 'old gold' transfer with purple, orange, white, green and pale blue hand-colouring.

SELAH items usually have the BURSLEY WARE backstamp, dating them to c.1918-31.

The most commonly seen ground is a beautiful SPECKLED BLUE, as shown right. Other grounds were also used (see below).

Note the distinctive geometrical border, common to all versions.

Less common is a DARK BLUE shiny ground, also used for Woods Golden Moon and Mikado patterns from the same period.

Although this appears black in the photos, in reality it is deep blue.



Items are occasionally seen with a CREAM ground, as in the cosy pot shown right (not for sale).

This has a brown transfer with red, green and navy blue colouring - similar to the Bursley Ware Bacchus pattern.

Thanks to Janet Gimson for kindly sending us this photo.



Hexagonal spill vase
2.75 ins (top rim),
6.25 ins high








Small bowl
Speckled blue ground
6.5 ins




Small vase/
preserve pot
Speckled blue ground

3 ins (top rim),
3.25 ins (base),
2.75 ins high







Speckled blue ground

3.875 ins (base),
4.5 ins high
(top of handle)





Square plate
Dark blue ground
8.5 ins


NB: The shiny blue circle seen in these photos is a trick of the light caused by reflection from the dark blue surface.



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