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This attractive blue and white pattern with a basketweave border design dates from 1926, and was produced throughout the 1930s. Designed by Frederick Rhead, it shows a distinctive Danish or 'Copenhagen' influence.

Items generally have Wood's 'King' mark, but if destined to be sold in Lawleys chain of shops feature LAWLEYS' mark instead. Both versions were made by Woods and are identical apart from the different backstamp.


Other 1930s Woods patterns with a similar basketweave border include:

Vincent - a slightly brighter blue (no central design)
Hankow - in green (central design similar to WILLOW pattern)

A green Hankow plate is shown right, next to a SANDOWN plate for comparison.

All the items below are the same shade of blue.
Any apparent variation is due to lighting conditions alone.

Cruet set
5 ins (handle to front),
2.75 ins high (top of pepper)

Removable pepper and mustard pots, with open salt scoop. A hard-to-find item!



Square tea plate
5.25 ins

Impressed 1939

Available with Woods or Lawleys mark (Lawleys were the London retailers who sold this design, along with several other Woods and Booths lines).

£8 each

Circular plates
These were made in the following sizes:

Dinner - £18
10 ins
Dessert - £15
9 ins and 8.5 ins
Side - £10
7.75 ins
Tea - £8
6.75 ins

Please email for availability

Soup plates
10 ins


Dessert bowls
9 ins

£15 each
£40 set of 3

Fruit bowls
6.5 ins


Oval platters
These are available in the following sizes:

Large - £30
16.5 x 12.75 ins
Medium - £25
14.5 x 11.25 ins
Small - £20
12 x 9.5 ins


Fish drainer and stand
14.375 x 10.625 ins
Base plate
16.375 x 12.75 ins

Drainer as new, small chip under rim of base plate (see below)

£25 pair


Large serving bowl
9 ins across




Tureen and lid
9 ins across,
5.75 ins high (top of lid)


Serving bowl or
tureen base (no lid)
9 ins across,
2.375 ins high

£20 each
£30 pair

Gravy boat
2.25 ins wide (top rim)
8 ins (spout-handle)
3.5 ins high (top of handle)



cup: 3 ins wide
2.75 ins high,
scr: 5.75 ins,
plate: 6.75 ins



We have seen two different shapes of cup - high and low.

This is the high shape.
The low shape is shown below...



Cup and saucer
cup: 3.75 ins,
2.125 ins high,
scr: 5.75 ins

The mark indicates this was manufactured by Woods for LAWLEYS shop in London's Regent Street.




3 ins (top rim),
4.75 ins high
(top of lid)
7.75 ins (spout-handle)

Note the ingenious oval shape of the lid and opening. To lock the lid, it is turned through 90 degrees.


Teapot stand
6.375 ins



Small creamer
1.75 ins (top rim),
2 ins high

A very unusual item, we haven't seen this shape in any other Woods pattern...


We specialise in English tableware from the 1920s and 30s and ship worldwide from our base in London, UK.
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