WOOD & SONS - Pekin

The ROYAL SEMI PORCELAIN mark with WOOD & SONS indicates a date of 1910+, but the items below appear to come from the 1930s.

This hard-to-find pattern is a variant on the traditional WILLOW pattern, with hand coloured enamels on various colour transfers.

Dessert plate
9 ins

Brown transfer with green, red, blue, yellow, and brown handpainting.

c. 1931






Large jug
4.25 ins (top rim),
6.25 ins (height to rim)
7.5 ins (spout-handle)


Red transfer with green, salmon, dark blue, yellow, orange, and gold handpainting

This item features a traditional willow-style blue border on the top rim. The main scene is a red transfer, making this item one of the few we have seen with two different colour transfers.











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