WOOD & SONS - Old Bow Kakiyemon

This delicate BLUE & WHITE pattern features two small quails under a stylised tree with parasol-shaped blossoms. It was directly inspired by Japanese Kakiyemon pottery, and was designed by FREDERICK RHEAD (father of Charlotte) when he was art director of Wood & Sons (1912-30).

Notice the distinctive octagonal shapes of the cup and plate which are the same as other Woods patterns such as ALVA, TSING and WESTOVER (qv).

OLD BOW KAKIYEMON dates from 1922+


cup: 3.75 ins, 2.5 ins high
saucer: 5.5 ins
plate: 7 ins

Impressed 1929






Large Jug
2.75 ins wide at rim,
5.75 ins spout-handle,
4.75 ins high






OLD BOW KAKIYEMON was also made in several coloured versions, with red, green, yellow & blue handpainting over the blue transfer. Although we have seen pictures of these, we haven't yet been lucky enough to find one... Please let us know if you have any!

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