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This pattern with its distinctive pheasant was produced in several colourways, three of which are based on a blue transfer (see below).

The BROWN version shown right is the most commonly seen and is easily recognised by the distinctive brown edging on the 'piecrust' rim.

The old-fashioned, bulbous shapes of hollow ware items (such as the teapot and sugar bowl shown) hark back to the Victorian era.

The backstamp is the Woods Ware 'urn' mark, which was in use c. 1917-30, although the pattern itself dates from 1911 (according to one of the surviving Woods pattern books).



Brown version


Green version

 Plain version


 Black version


The BLACK 'deluxe' version has a black transfer with green, magenta, purple and gold handpainting - a striking and elegant combination.

All versions normally have a gadroon or 'piecrust' rim, with the following colouring:


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