WOOD & SONS - Kenya

This pattern from the 1920s has all the hallmarks of a FREDERICK RHEAD pattern - stylised flowers and fruit motifs alongside a spiral-based border design

It was retailed by the firm of LAWLEYS in London's Regent Street, whose mark appears on many items.


Items were most commonly produced in a plain BLUE & WHITE transfer (with brown trim on the rims).

For details and photos of BLUE & WHITE Kenya items, click here


Hand-coloured items were also produced on blue, red or brown transfers. These are harder to find.

For details and photos of COLOURED Kenya items, click here



Plates and cups are circular, but jugs, teapots, and gravy boats have the same HEXAGONAL shape as Woods' famous YUAN pattern.

For details and photos of HEXAGONAL KENYA items, click here

Tureens and vegetable dishes have the typical square 'Yuan' shape.

For more details and photos of the TUREENS, click here



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