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Frederick Rhead fancy ware

Kang-Hi bowls

Circular bowls were produced by Woods in at least FIVE sizes, the same shape being found across many patterns of the period, including CHUNG, ORIENTAL BIRDS, JAPONICA, SHERATON, KOREA, etc.

Approximate sizes produced were:

-Large: 9.25 ins, 4 ins high
-Medium: 8.25, 3.25 ins high
-Medium: 7.5 ins, 2.75 ins high
-Small: 7 ins, 2.5 ins high
-Small: 6 ins, 2 ins high

The KANG-HI bowls are particularly interesting, since different size bowls feature different parts of the pattern.

A similar range of OCTAGONAL bowls was also produced in most of these patterns.

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Large bowl
9.25 ins,
4 ins high



NB: The white mark in the detail (left) is the result of camera flare only.




Medium bowl
7.5 ins wide,
2.75 ins high





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