Frederick Rhead fancy ware


This fascinating design bears similarities to Frederick Rhead's most famous pattern, Yuan, and its lesser-known counterpart Orient. It depicts a detailed watery oriental landscape with small figures amongst trees, rocks, bridges, houses on stilts, temples, boats etc.

Different parts of the pattern appear in different places on different items, and only on the larger items does one find the complete pattern.

The border is also reminiscent of Khotan, with its interlocking fret patterns.

We presume the name of this pattern refers to the Kang-Hsi period of Chinese porcelain (1662-1722 ). 

Kang-Hi is most commonly found as a blue & white pattern, but coloured examples can occasionally be found with green, red, yellow and brown hand-painting over the blue transfer (see photo right).

All the items listed below are blue and white.


5.5 ins (top rim),
5.75 ins high,
3.75 ins (base)



Medium spill vase
8.25 ins high,
3.375 ins (top rim)


Cylindrical spill vases were produced in three sizes:

-Sml: 6.25 ins high
-Med: 8.25 ins high
-Lge: 10.25 ins high








Pair of vases
9.625 ins high
3.75 ins (top rim),
4.75 ins (widest),

£75 pair






Large bowl
9.25 ins,
4 ins high


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Medium bowl
7.5 ins wide,
2.75 ins high


Woods produced a range of circular and octagonal KANG-HI bowls in graduated sizes

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