WOOD & SONS - Ivory Ware

This is not the name of a pattern, so much as a range of WOODS products which were introduced in 1930 on a cream-coloured body. Many of the items had popular ART DECO influenced designs.

See also FOREST FLOWERS which sometimes has the IVORY WARE backstamp.




Sugar bowl & jug
bowl: 5.25 ins, 3 ins high
jug: 3 ins high,
5.75 ins spout-handle







Coffee Pot

Mark reads:
LAWLEYS in scroll above PRIMROSE WARE logo,
WOOD & SONS ENGLAND curved below.


Woods produced many hundreds of IVORY WARE designs in the 1930s and 40s, most of which do not appear to have pattern names. Whilst we welcome genuine enquiries or search requests, please do not e-mail us asking us to "identify" them!

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