WOOD & SONS - Indian Tree

Next to the WILLOW pattern, this must be one of the most widespread and popular tableware designs. Since the 19thC, practically every manufacturer has produced their own version, with notable examples from Coalport, Myott, Johnsons, etc.

The Woods version is not usually impressed with a date, but features the "figure with banner" backmark which dates it to c1931+.

We consider it one of the most attractive of all INDIAN TREES, not least because of the distinctive black or dark grey transfer, over which are brightly handpainted flowers in green, red, yellow, and two shades of blue.

Another thing that sets it apart is the thickness of the potting, the chunkiest in the whole Woods range.

No attempt at imitating porcelain here, but a body that is extremely resistant to chips and crazing, and is sometimes impressed with the word "vitrified".

Because of its durability and attractive colours, Woods INDIAN TREE was popular with restaurants, ships and hotels.


We currently have the following items in stock:

Dinner plate
10 ins



Note the "Greek key" border (left).

Unlike the border in other versions, which have periodic gaps, this is unbroken.

This makes it easy to spot the Woods version, even when in a pile of plates!




2.25 ins wide at top
4.5 ins spout-handle
4.5 ins high

Small chip on base






Miniature jug
1.875 ins wide at top
2.75 ins spout-handle
2.5 ins high

Impressed: 1/8 PINT





Small dish
5 ins






Cup & saucer
cup: 3.75 ins,
2.5 ins high
saucer: 5.75 ins








Sugar bowl & lid
3 ins wide at top,
4 ins at base
3.5 ins high




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