WOOD & SONS - Forest Flowers

This extremely pretty pattern in an art deco style was designed by BILLY BAILES, and is usually found as a blue transfer on a cream coloured body, with handpainted flowers in green, yellow and red, and an ochre trim.

The backstamp is usually the "figure with banner" mark, but some items have the WOODS IVORY WARE stamp instead.

It was in production from 1936 using the new JAY shape moulds, which must have seemed quite radically modern at the time.

This beautiful shape was designed around 1932 by SUSIE COOPER, who was based in the adjoining Crown Pottery at the time.

The distinguishing mark of the JAY shape is the chunky, downturned handle (as shown on the jug and creamer, right), incised with two grooves which are sometimes handpainted with ochre trim.

Other Woods pattern that can be found in the JAY shape include GAY DAY and BRIER.

Strangely, cups do not seem to have been made in the JAY shape, as they have more conventional handles.



The items shown below are all in the beautiful JAY shape.
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2.75 ins
(top rim),
5 ins (spout-handle), 2.25 ins high



The creamer is shown left with a small sugar bowl


3 ins across,
4.25 ins high,
5.5 ins (spout-handle)





7.5 ins (spout-handle)
4.75 ins high (top of lid)





Lidded hot water jug
4.25 ins high
(5.125 ins with lid)
4.75 ins (spout-handle)



These lidded pots can vary in size and shape (see right)


Small jug
3.25 ins, 2.75 ins high,
6 ins spout-handle




Sugar bowl

This would originally have had a lid...



Gravy Boat with oval underplate
3 ins wide,
7.5 ins spout-handle,
2.75 ins high



Tureen and lid
10 ins (inc handles), 4.75 ins high (top of lid)



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