WOOD & SONS - Enoch Woods Castles

Another classic BLUE & WHITE transfer pattern, and a sister to the ENGLISH SCENERY series, dating from the late 1920s through to the 1940s. Items were also made in red, purple (AKA as mulberry), and possibly in green and brown...

Enoch Wood (1759-1840) was a master potter and designer and some of his drawings for this series were still being used by the company in the 1920s and 30s. By this period, though, many of them would have been redrawn or re-engraved several times. In 1912 this task fell to FREDERICK RHEAD when he became art director of Woods. At this point, he also re-designed the floral border and hanging vines motif (which are similar on all designs).

NB: Antique (C19th) plates by Enoch Woods are now rare, fetch extremely high prices, and are NOT offered for sale on this website. These usually have a EAGLE mark, completely different from the backstamps shown below.

Like English Scenery, CASTLES features a variety of different scenes according to the size of the item, making it popular with collectors and even more sought after, as it was not produced in such large quantities. We have seen CASTLES items with the following names, all with pictures of the castle in question:

Blackrock, Blarney, Bodiam, Broughton,
Caerphilly, Caldicot, Chepstow, Conway,
Dalguise, Harlech, Hinchingbrooke,
Ludlow, Manorbier, Mostar,
Nunney, Pembroke, Pengersick,
Rhuddlan, Rochester, Ross, Rubens,
Stokesay, Warwick, Windsor

If you know of any other CASTLE names not given above, we'd love to hear from you!
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Some of these designs can be seen on the plates, bowls and platters on this page (below).

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All these items are the BLUE version of the pattern.

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Cake plate - STOKESAY
9.75 x 10.25 ins

Circular with ears

Impressed 1929

£30 - $60




Meat platter - CHEPSTOW
12.5 x 10 ins

Rectangular, rounded corners








Dessert plate - DALGUISE
9 ins

£25 - $47.50






Soup plates - CONWAY
10 ins

£30 - $60 each




Soup plate - STOKESAY
9.5 ins

£20 - $40



Side plate - RUBENS
7.75 ins

£15 - $30


Tea plate - CAERPHILLY
6.75 ins

£10 - $20




Dessert bowls - DALGUISE
7.25 ins

£16 - $32 each
£28 - $56 pair



Small bowl - CAERPHILLY
6.5 ins

Tiny chip under rim

£12 - $24



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