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One of Woods most popular lines, a classic BLUE & WHITE pattern in which the central landscape designs differ from plate to plate (cf: Booths BRITISH SCENERY). The designs were engraved from around 180 drawings by the C19th master potter ENOCH WOODS.

NB: Early 19thC plates from the pre-Wood & Sons period are now rare and command very high prices. They have a completely different backstamp to the ones shown below, often featuring an eagle.

When FREDERICK RHEAD became art director of Wood & Sons in 1912, he was given the task of re-drawing many of the scenes and also re-designed the floral border. Over a period of time, the copper plates from which the transfers were taken would have to be re-engraved also, accounting for wide variations even within the same scene.

ENGLISH SCENERY was also produced in other colours, such as red, purple and green, and there is a hand-coloured version over a brown transfer. All the examples below are in the blue transfer, which itself can be found in several different shades.


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NB: Apologies for the differing shades of blue in the photos - some have a colour cast
caused by the lighting conditions. In reality, all items are a similar blue colour.



Divided lunch plate
10.625 ins




Circular chargers
12.25 ins

£20 each
(£36 pair)



Oval serving dish
8.625 x 6.375 ins
1.875 ins high





Soup plate
9 ins





Small bowl
5.5 ins




Tea plate
6.75 ins






Breakfast cup & saucer
cup: 4 ins, 2.75 ins high
saucer: 6 ins





Cup and saucer
cup: 3.25 ins, 2.25 ins high
saucer: 5.75 ins





Individual butter dish
3 ins


Also available in red



Coffee cups & saucers
cup: 2.75 ins, 2.125 ins high
saucer: 4.5 ins

£18 each



Coffee cans 
cup: 2.5 ins
(top rim),
2.5 ins high,
scr: 5 ins

£25 pair



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