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Coalport Canton

This delightful pattern from c. 1930 features a BLACK transfer floral design on a creamy coloured glaze, with hand-painted brightly coloured enamels in red, yellow, green and blue.

A very similar design is Woods' Norbury pattern, also from 1930 - the photo (right) shows two creamers for comparison - Danbury is on the left.

These items shown above are in the elegant "Spencer" shape, also found in Woods' Manchu, Yo-San and Stafford patterns. Note the distinctive red trim near the handles and spouts.

Both patterns are clearly influenced by Coalport's Canton pattern, which dates from the same period - the photo right shows a Coalport Canton dinner plate and gravy boat with a Danbury creamer on the left for comparison.

Note the intricately detailed black border on all three designs, the similar flowers and identical colouring - the main difference being that the Coalport design also includes a pagoda.

Danbury items can occasionally be found with a greeny-coloured glaze in place of the creamy one, with the Vert-de-Mer logo included in the backstamp. A plate of this kind is shown below.

Oval serving dish
with 'ear' handles
10.25 x 6.5 ins,
2.375 ins high

Impressed 1930


A rarely-seen Woods shape.
Despite crazing and signs of wear,
an extremely attractive item, showing the distinctive hand-painted red trim on the handles characteristic of this pattern.

Dessert plates
9 ins

Impressed 1930

£15 each
£40 set of 3

Dessert bowls
9 ins

Impressed 1930


2.75 ins (top rim),
2.5 ins high,
5.25 ins (spout-handle)







Dinner plate
10 ins

Vert-de-Mer glaze (green)

Impressed 1930


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