Frederick Rhead fancy ware


One of Frederick Rhead's most successful designs, this seems to have been produced in a wide range of items over a period of around twenty years. Initially Chung items bore the Woods & Sons mark with a distinctive "fruit & leaves" logo similar to other Rhead marks of the period, and the registration number 631664, dating the design to 1914.

From around 1919 items were made with the BURSLEY WARE backstamp, a subsidiary of Woods operating from the Crown pottery, adjacent to the main Woods Stanley pottery. We have also seen items bearing Woods' later "King" mark, dating from the 1930s, but these are much less common.

Usually seen as a blue & white pattern, a range was also produced with bright red hand-colouring painstakingly applied between the leaves, giving the impression of a red ground. The large flower heads in this version also have a green centre.


We currently have the following items in stock:




Small vase
6.125 ins high,
2.5 ins (top rim)




Serving dish
10.75 x 8.75 ins,
1.75 ins high

Square with "ears'



Medium spill vases (pair)
8.5 ins high,
3.5 ins (top rim),
2.5 ins (base)






Medium bowl
7.5 ins wide,
2.75 ins high





Chamber pot
8.75 ins wide
(top rim),
11 ins
(with handle),
5 ins high



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