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This hard-to-find WILLOW pattern variant is modelled on Chinese CANTON porcelain of the C18th, this particular pattern being also reproduced by other firms such as ASHWORTH (Real Old Canton).

Items date from the 1920s, with jugs, gravy boats and teapots being made in the same hexagonal shape as YUAN, TSING, WINCANTON, and other patterns.

There are two distinct transfer designs used by Woods for the CANTON pattern - on smaller items the design is engraved with simpler lines and more of a "cartoony" feel (see the smallest jug on the right).

These smaller items show Frederick Rhead's personal slant on the CANTON pattern's traditional imagery and have similarities with his KANG-HI pattern, produced around the same time.

CANTON cups have the simple design, with the more detailed pattern on the saucers.

This photo shows the two sizes of cup produced (breakfast cup on the right).



A hand-coloured version of the traditional blue & white transfer pattern also exists (see right), but is found less often. To view more COLOURED CANTON items, click here.



The items shown below are the plain BLUE & WHITE version of the pattern.
To view COLOURED CANTON items, click here


Teacup & saucer
cup: 3.75 ins,
2.25 ins high
saucer: 5.75 ins







Breakfast cup & saucer
cup: 4 ins, 2.5 ins high
saucer; 6.25 ins




Small jug
2.5 ins,
4.75 ins spout-handle,
3.5 ins high







Large jug
4.25 ins,
7.5 ins spout-handle,
6.25 ins high


With gold trim









Dinner plate
10 ins




Oval serving dish
10 x 7.25 ins, 2 ins high

Impressed 1923




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