WOOD & SONS - Brier

A pretty pattern from the 1930s, consisting of hand-painted flowers in yellow, green, crimson and purple, over a brown transfer.

Like Woods FOREST FLOWERS pattern from the same period, BRIER has a creamy coloured body, and items often have the elegant JAY shape, designed by Susie Cooper. This shape is easily recognisable on jugs, creamers, teapots, etc - look for the distinctive spout , and the curved handles, both of which often have parallel grooves on the sides.

For more information on the Jay shape and Susie Cooper, see the FOREST FLOWERS page.


3.125 ins (top rim),
5.75 ins (spout-handle),
2.75 ins high

Jay shape




Sugar bowl
4.625 ins (top rim),
2.625 ins high




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