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WOOD & SONS - Aquila


NB: All the items below are the same shade of blue. Any variations are due to lighting conditions only.


4.375 ins
(top rim),
8.25 ins
(spout to handle),
5 ins
(top of finial)




Note the pierced handle (right).

This feature can also be found on other items with handles, such as the sugar bowl (below), jugs, gravy boats and vegetable tureens.






Teapot stand
7 ins

Indented rim




Teapot stand
6.25 ins

Plain rim




Cup: 3.75 ins,
2.375 ins high,
Scr: 5.75 ins,
Plate:7 ins






Chocolate cup & lid
4 ins (top rim)
2.75 ins high
(top of cup)

with two handles








Tea plate
7 ins




Sugar bowl

4.125 ins
(top rim),
6.375 ins (between handles)
3.5 ins
(height to rim)

gadroon rim







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