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On this page you can view jugs, creamers, a gravy boat, and also a cheese dish!

Many of these items have a hole pierced near the top of the handle, an original feature of this design.


were made in at least three sizes:

Large - £38
5 ins (top rim),
6.5 ins high
(top of handle)

Medium - £35
4.5 ins (top rim),
5.75 ins high
(top of handle)

Small  - £28
4 ins (top rim),
5 ins high
(top of handle)




The large jug shown left has the piecrust (gadroon) rim, with no ochre trim.




3.25 ins
(top rim)
5 ins
3 ins high

gadroon rim







Gravy boat
3.375 ins wide,
8 ins
(spout to handle),
2.5 ins
(lowest height)










Cheese dish
8.75 x 7 ins
4 ins high
(top of lid)










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