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 Plain ALVA tea & coffeeware
  Coloured ALVA dinner ware
  Coloured ALVA tea & coffeeware

Plates, bowls, platters, gravy boats & tureens

Most of the items below are in Woods' octagonal shape.


Dinner 9.75 ins
Dessert 8.75 ins
Tea 7 ins
Tea 5.75 ins

Please email for availability

Circular dinner plate
10 ins

The only one we've seen, and something of a curiosity - ALVA plates are almost always octagonal!

Impressed with date stamp for 1939



Soup plates

10 ins

£21 each



Large serving bowl
9.5 ins (top rim)
2.75 ins high

Impressed with date stamp for 1931




Medium serving bowl
7.5 ins (top rim)
2 ins high

Impressed with date stamp for 1925



Berry bowl
5 ins

£9 each

The berry bowl, medium
and large serving bowls
are shown together for
comparison L and R


Sandwich or cake plate with 'ear' handles
8.75 x 10.25 ins

Impressed with date
stamp for 1935


Meat platters
These were made in a range of sizes:

18 x 14 ins
16 x 12 ins
12.25 x 9.5 ins - £18
11.25 x 8.75 ins - £15

Impressed with date marks for 1930


Sauce tureen & lid
4.125 ins high (top of lid)
7 ins (between handles)

Tureen with ladle £60
Without ladle £45

Lid has slot for ladle

Vegetable tureen & lid
5 ins high (top of lid)
10.5 ins (between handles)


Gravy boat
3.5 ins high (top of spout)
8 ins (spout-handle)


Note the two different styles
of handle - please specify which
you prefer

Handle A (left)
Handle B

This gravy boat is in Woods' generic HEXAGONAL shape of the 1920s and 30s. Identically- shaped gravy boats can be found in many other Frederick Rhead-designed patterns, including Yuan, Orient, Canton, Westover, Kenya, Buddha, Wincanton, Japonica , Khotan, Sandown, Old Bow Kakiyemon, etc.

Gravy boat with attached underplate
4 ins high
11 x 6.75 ins (base)

An extremely unusual variant on the usual gravy boat - with several spouts!


Oval divided dish
7 x 5.125 ins
1.5 ins high



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We specialise in English tableware from the 1920s and 30s and ship worldwide from our base in London, UK.
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