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  Plain ALVA tea & coffee ware

This charming pattern was designed by FREDERICK RHEAD, art director of WOODS 1912-30 and father of famed pottery designer Charlotte Rhead,

It was first produced in 1922 and continued to be manufactured until around 1939.

Two versions exist:

- PLAIN: a blue transfer

- COLOURED: includes handpainted enamels on the central design - in green, ochre, purple and magenta

Both versions have the same border, an ART DECO style blue design with an ochre trim on the rim.

The ALVA pattern features Woods' classic OCTAGONAL shape. Other Woods patterns with the same shape include Westover, Old Bow Kakiyemon, Blue Bombay, Rangoon, and some Orient items.

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Dinnerware, plates, bowls, tureens Dinnerware, plates, bowls, tureens

Tea, coffee and breakfast ware Tea, coffee and breakfast ware

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