WOOD & SONS - Alva

This charming pattern was designed by FREDERICK RHEAD (art director of WOODS 1912-30 and father of famed designer Charlotte Rhead), and first produced in 1922.

ALVA's distinctive octagonal shape is one of Woods' most elegant creations. Other patterns produced in this shape include WESTOVER, OLD BOW KAKIYEMON, RANGOON, BLUE BOMBAY, and some ORIENT items (not plates), all of which were also designed by Frederick Rhead.

Two versions exist - the plain BLUE & WHITE, and the COLOURED variety in which the central landscape is hand-painted in green, ochre, purple and magenta.



All the items on this page are COLOURED.

To view the PLAIN items, PLEASE CLICK on the IMAGE opposite...

Both versions have an ochre rim and the same distinctive border:


We currently have the following COLOURED ALVA items in stock:


Fruit bowls
6.5 ins

£10 each



Plates (octagonal)
These come in three sizes:

7 ins

8.75 ins

9.75 ins

Please e-mail for availability



Breakfast trio (large cup)
cup: 4 ins,
2.5 ins high,
saucer: 6 ins,
plate: 7 ins.









Sandwich plate
8.5 x 10.5 ins

with "ears"

Impressed 1936



Note the typical Frederick Rhead motif on the handles of this plate.



Large meat platter
18 x 14 ins

Impressed 1927






These were made in at least four sizes. Occasionally they can be found with removable metal lids (see photos).

Large - SOLD
7 ins high
Medium - SOLD
6 ins high
(with lid - see photo R)
5 .5 ins high
4.75 ins high


Slop bowl
5.5 ins,
3 ins high.

Small creamer
4.75 ins (spout-handle),
3 ins high.




Berry bowls
5.5 ins

£8 each



Cheese dish 
8 x 6.5 ins (base),
5.875 x 4.5 ins (cover)






To purchase any of the above items please e-mail us at:

To view a large selection of plain Blue & White Alva items, please click here.


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