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Much of the china we sell can be used on an everyday basis, in spite of its age. We don't have ANY new plates in our household - all our eating is done from vintage china. We think that's the best way to enjoy it. Some of the designs are so fresh that pieces in good condition can look as good as new.

Just remember to avoid subjecting vintage or antique china to extremes of temperature (eg: the microwave!) and always handwash it rather than using a dishwasher. Dishwashers dull the colours and eventually the glaze too - they are also damaging to any gold trim on the rims or elsewhere.

Boiling water in teapots and hot tea or coffee in cups should be OK (that's what these items are designed for).

Avoid excessive scouring or bleaching, as in some cases certain colours may have been applied over the glaze as well as underneath, and these will be more liable to wear. Bleach also reacts with goldleaf (if present) and turns it black!

Crazed items should be treated with special care - any fat, grease or tannin from food or liquids placed in contact with them will be absorbed along the lines of crazing, and will eventually show up as a brown or grey stain. This can sometimes be temporarily removed by cleaning (eg: by soaking for 24 hours in hydrogen peroxide and rinsing generously with distilled water), but the item will become stained again when it is re-used.

Having said that, crazed plates can be used without any problems at all for "dry" foods such as biscuits, cakes, fruit, cereals, etc; just avoid curries, meat juices, butter, oily sauces and fatty liquids of any kind...

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