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This site is updated regularly, as shown below. However, some pages may not always accurately reflect our current stock situation. If in doubt - please e-mail us.

June 2015
Woods DANBURY - new items
Bursley Ware ORCHARD - new items
- new pattern, new page
Booths MOSAIC PANEL - new items

April 2015
Booths REAL OLD WILLOW - new items (tea & coffee ware)
Barker Bros FANTASY
- new items

March 2015
Booths JACOBEAN - new items

August 2014
Booths SCALE BLUE - new items

July 2014

J & R Godwin COLOURED WILLOW - new Gaudy Willow page

April 2014
Booths MING - new pages, new items
- new item

January 2014
Booths COLOURED MING - new items

October 2013
Woods ORIENT - new pages, new items
Woods COLOURED ORIENT - new page
Woods ORIENTAL BIRDS - new pages, new items

May 2013
Booths WOODSTOCK - new pattern
Woods SANDOWN - new items

April 2013
Collectors' Corner: TEAPOTS - new page
Booths PARROT - new items

March 2013
Woods JAPONICA - new items

Feb 2013
Booths SCALE BLUE - new pages, new items

Jan 2013
Booths BRITISH SCENERY - new items

October 2012
Barker Bros FANTASY - new items

August 2012
Booths REAL OLD WILLOW - new items

June 2012
Woods MAYFAIR (black) - new item

December 2011
Booths SCALE BLUE - new item
Woods SANDOWN - new items

October 2011
Woods NORBURY - new pattern
Woods DANBURY - new pattern
Booths NETHERLANDS - new items
- dinner service

September 2011
Crown Staffs CHINESE WILLOW - new pages
Coalport CHINESE WILLOW - new page
Spode LANDSCAPE - crescent dish

August 2011
Woods KHOTAN - new page, new items
Woods PRUNUS - new page, new items

July 2011
Woods/Bursley Ware ORCHARD - new pattern

May 2011
Coalport CANTON - new items

April 2011
Barker Bros FANTASY - new items

November 2010
Woods YUAN - new items
Woods YUAN - cosy pot
Booths REAL OLD WILLOW - new items

October 2010
GAUDY WILLOW - new items
Woods VERONA - new colourway, new items

August 2010
Booths POMPADOUR – new items
Booths REAL OLD WILLOW - new items
Woods LAKELAND - new page
Woods YUAN - new items

June 2010
Losol PAGODA - new item
Losol SUNTRAE - new item

May 2010
Booths BLACK & RED WILLOW - new page
Woods GOLDEN MOON - new page
Woods STUART - new page
Woods BROADMOOR - new page

April 2010
Ashworth COLOURED WILLOW - new items
Losol PAGODA - new page
Losol WILLOW - new items

March 2010
Woods YUAN - new items

February 2010
Booths SCALE BLUE - pierced plate
Booths MOSAIC PANEL - new page

January 2010
Woods/Bursley REGATTA - new page
Collectors Corner: CAKE STANDS - new page

November 2009
William de Morgan RUBY LUSTRE - vase
Booths PARROT - new pages, new items

July 2009
Woods VERONA - new pages, new items
Woods WOODLAND - new items

May 2009
Woods TURKEY - plates

March 2009
Booths OLD CHINA and PEKIN - new patterns
Booths YELLOW PARROT - new pattern
Booths BATTERSEA - new pages, new items
Booths WILLOW - new pages, new items

February 2009
Booths POMPADOUR - new pages, new items

June 2008
Barker Bros NASTURTIUM - teaset

May 2008
Hancock ROCKERY & PHEASANT - new page

April 2008
Woods KENYA - new pattern

August 2007
Losol Armado - new item
Losol Andes - new item

July 2007
Woods CALIPH - new items/photos

June 2007
Woods KYLIN and MING - lidded vases (F Rhead)
Woods MAYFAIR - new pages, new items

April 2007
Booths POMPADOUR - new pages, new items
Woods YUAN - chocolate cup

March 2007
Booths INDIAN ORNAMENT - new items
Woods RANGOON - new items

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We specialise in English tableware from the 1920s and 30s and ship worldwide from our base in London, UK.
This site only shows a small fraction of our stock - if you don't see what you're looking for, please e-mail us.

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