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Website Stock Updates

Please note: Our stock changes continually - and can never be shown in its entirety on this site. Please e-mail for an up-to-date stock list for your chosen pattern...


Nov 2003
Ashworth PERSIANA - new item

Oct 2003
Frederick Rhead blue & white patterns:
Woods KANG-HI - new page
Woods CHUNG - new page
Woods KYLIN/ PRUNUS/ CALIPH/ MING - new page

Sep 2003
Spode EDEN - new items
Booths NETHERLANDS - new items

July 2003
Woods/ Bursley Ware SELAH - new page
Booths BAMBOO - new page
Booths BRITISH SCENERY - new page
Booths REAL OLD WILLOW - new items

June 2003
Booths NETHERLANDS - new items
Ashworth - new items
Spode EDEN - new items

May 2003
Woods ENGLISH SCENERY - new items

April 2003
Woods ALVA - new items
Keeling LOSOL Shanghai - new items
Ashworth - new page

March 2003
Coalport CANTON - new page
Keeling LOSOL Andes- new items

February 2003
Keeling LOSOL Cavendish - new items
Ashworth - new items

January 2003
Woods DBC WESTOVER - new items
Ashworth - new page
Woods CANTON - new photos
Booths WASHINGTON - new page

December 2002
Woods YUAN - new vases page
Woods CANTON - new page
Woods CASTLES - new Red/ Mulberry page

November 2002
Booths MING - new items
Woods BUDDHA - new items
Woods SHERATON - new items + Winkle vase

October 2002:
Booths GEORGIAN WILLOW and VELLUM - new page
Woods SHERATON and BURSLEY WARE - new page
Woods Coloured YUAN - new items
Woods TSING - new items

September 2002:
Booths HAWTHORN and INDIAN ORNAMENT - new page
Booths JACOBEAN - vases and plates
Woods Hexagonal YUAN - new page

August 2002:
Booths FLYING GEESE - new page
Booths MING - vases

July 2002:
Booths POMPADOUR - new items