Copeland/Spode - Chinese Rose

The most popular and long-lived of all Spode patterns, this is derived from the Spode INDIA pattern which was copied from early C18th Chinese KANG HSI porcelain by Josiah Spode in 1813-15. A century later in 1913 it was registered as No 629599, also known as ROCK GARDEN.

The pattern has been through eleven versions. The most recent one dates from 1931 and has a brown transfer with a distinctive light green rim.

We currently have the following items in stock:


Dessert bowls
9 ins

Impressed 1959

£14 each



Side plate
7.5 ins

Impressed 1981





Side plate
unusual colour variant
7.5 ins

Impressed 1961






Dinner plate
10.5 ins

Impressed 1936




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