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The firm of Sampson Hancock & Sons was established in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, in 1858. The factory moved in 1870 to Bridge Works, Stoke, finally ending up at the Corona Pottery in Hanley (1935-37).

The pottery produced a large range of tableware patterns. including the ROYAL CORONA WARE range which was in production from 1912-1937.

The firm also produced a small range of collectable vases, handpainted and signed by various artists. We currently only deal in one Hancock pattern, ROCKERY & PHEASANT.


Rockery & Pheasant

This chinese-inspired green transfer pattern features a beautifully handpainted long-tailed bird perched on a blue trunk. As many as ten colours are present on the bird, surrounding foliage and flowers.The border has an attractive honeycomb design overlaid in lilac (see detail below).

Items bear the CORONA WARE crown mark and the registration No 621192, dating the design to 1913. The mark also incudes the words "REPRODUCTION OF YUNG-CHENG PORCELAIN PERIOD 1723 to 1735".


8.625 ins
(top tim)
5 ins high

c. 1913 - 1937


Viewed from above the comport is exaclty like the dessert plate shown below


Dessert plate
8.625 ins







Dessert plate
8.875 ins





Dinner plate
10.5 ins





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