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Crown Staffs

Chinese Willow
(two birds)

Crown Staffs Chinese Willow
 Crown Staffs Chinese Willow - no border
 Crown Staffs Chinese Willow - 11 birds
 Coalport Chinese Willow

 Spode Landscape
 Gaudy Willow

We believe that the version below, with two lovebirds and a green border, was produced until relatively recently, ie: the 1960s or layer. Some of the more recent items are marked with the pattern name, and occasionally the following inscription:

"From Ancient China comes this
design symbolic of love and the home."

An identical pattern was also produced by the firm of Coalport, the two versions being indistinguishable apart from the backstamp.

Being bone china, the Chinese Willow items below are translucent (unlike earthenware, which is opaque).

Dessert plates
8.5 ins

Bone china



Cup and Saucer
cup: 3.5 ins,
2.5 ins high,
scr: 5.625 ins,

Bone china




Tea plate
6.5 ins



Coffee Saucers
5 ins



Pen tray
8.75 x 3ins

Bone china



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