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Coalport – Canton

Tea and Coffee Ware

Al the items shown below are in the Red & Black version of this pattern

Red & Black CANTON – tea and coffee ware (cups etc)

  Red & Black CANTON – dinner ware (plates and bowls)

 Pale and Blue CANTON

  Chinese Willow

Coffee Set
Coffee pot: 5.125 ins high
2 x coffee cans
2 x saucers
Small creamer
Small sugar bowl


Coffee can
Cup: 2 ins (top rim),
2.25 ins high
Scr: 4.25 ins

£21 each
£95 set of 6

Note image at bottom of cup.


Tea cup & saucer
Cup: ins high
Scr: ins



Breakfast trio
Cup: 4.25 ins (top rim),
2.5 ins high
Scr: 6.375 ins
Plate: 8.25 ins

Photo R shows image at bottom of cup


Jampot with metal lid
2.75 ins (top rim),
3 ins high


The jampot is shown R with the sugar bowl (below)

Sugar bowl
4 ins (top rim),
2.125 ins high


Preserve dish with metal stand and hanging spoon
Dish: 5.25 x 3.75 ins,
1.25 ins high.
Stand: 5.5 ins (without spoon)

Price includes spoon



Sugar shaker and salt cellar

Sugar: 5 ins high,
1.75 ins (top rim)

Salt: 3 ins high,
1.3 ins(top rim),

Both these items would have had metal lids, which are missing.


Tiny pot and saucer
Pot: 1.75 ins high,
2.25 ins (top rim)
Scr: 3.25 ins

Could be used as open salt, pepper or mustard dish.


Mustard pot and saucer
Pot: 2 ins high,
2 ins (top rim)
Scr: 3.25 ins

This is shown with the same saucer as the pot above.




Toothpick holders
2 ins high, 1.25 ins wide

One has a small chip on inside of top rim as shown, the other is perfect.

£15 pair


Salt and Pepper

Pepper (L):
2.625 ins high, 1.5 ins wide
This is cracked, as shown below.

Salt (R):
3ins high, 1.3 ins (top rim)

Both would have had metal lids, which are missing.

£15 pair

Pin tray
3.625 x 2.25 ins,
0.75 ins high.



Small creamer or gravy boat
2.75 ins wide,
5.25 ins (spout-handle),
3.5 ins high


Soup cup and saucer
Cup: 5 ins (top rim),
6.625 ins (handle-handle),
2.25 ins high.
Scr: 7 ins


Giant cup and saucer
Cup: 5.5 ins (top rim),
4.5 ins high.
Scr: 8.25 ins


Photo below shows image at bottom of cup.


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