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Booths – Parrot

An unusual and colourful pattern whose precursor can be found in the Ridgway ironstone wares of the C19th. It comes in two main colourways, both handpainted over a blue transfer:

Green parrot with red, pink & yellow flowers
Yellow parrot with yellow, purple and crimson flowers

A plain BLUE & WHITE version also exists, but this is not as common.

The rims are brown or sepia. The shape of the two patterns differs, the harder to find yellow version being found in the same octagonal shape as Booths Pagoda and Netherlands patterns.

Although marked with the usual Booths Silicon China mark, the Parrot patterns are not actually named.

Judging by the range of impressed date marks we have observed, the Green Parrot pattern seems to have been in production between 1917 and 1937. If the word 'ENGLAND' is included in the mark (see photo right) this infers a production date before c. 1922 - later items feature the words 'MADE IN ENGLAND' instead.

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Booths Parrot - Yellow

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