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Booths Pagoda

Rectangular tray or large cheese dish base
8.5 x 6.75 ins
1.75 ins high


Serving bowl
8.75 ins (top rim),
2.25 ins high



Bowls were produced in both the circular and twelve-sided shapes.


Chop dish with lid
10.75 x 7.5 ins
3.5 ins high
(top of handle)

A rare item, in perfect condition





Sauce tureen with lid
5.25 ins (top rim),
5 ins high (top of lid),

Stand and ladle not included


Plain blue & white version- £25





Vegetable tureen
and lid
8 ins wide (top rim),
9.5 ins (between handles),
5 ins high (top of lid)



Soup tureen and lid
with slot for ladle
Base: 8.5 ins,
3 ins high.
Lid: 9 ins,
5.5 ins high to top








Gravy Boat
3 ins wide,
8 ins (spout-handle),
3.25 ins
(lowest height)

£18 (tiny chip on spout)

£25 (no damage)



Muffin dish
8.25 ins (base),
4 ins high (top of lid)


Base only
No lid - see right



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