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Booths Pagoda

NETHERLANDS tea and coffee ware was produced in two basic shapes:

  • Circular "Worcester"shape, with more rounded contours

  • Octagonal, oriental-inspired shape, with circular rims

The octagonal shape is common to several Booths patterns of the 1920s. Shown right are matching octagonal jugs in the Pagoda, Golden Pheasant, Netherlands and Yellow Parrot patterns.

5.5 ins across,
5.5 ins high,
8.75 ins

Octagonal shape


Teacup & saucer
Cup: 3.5 ins
(top rim)
2.5 ins high.
Scr: 5.75 ins

Octagonal shape



Larger (breakfast) cups were also produced in the same shape.

Coffee cups & saucers
Cup: 2.5 ins (top rim),
2.25 ins high.
Scr: 4.75 ins

Octagonal shape

Set of 4

Spare saucers available



Chocolate cup with lid 
Cup: 3.5 ins,
2.5 ins high

Set of 6

Chocolate cup & saucer 
Cup: 3.5 ins,
2.5 ins high
Scr: 5.5 ins


Octagonal jugs
These were made in at least three sizes:

- 4 ins high
- 5.5 ins high
- 7 ins high

Set of three



Small jug
4 ins high,
4.5 ins (spout-handle),
3 ins (top rim)

Octagonal shape



Sparrow beak jugs

Straight-sided circular jugs were also made in a variety of sizes

Medium jug (right)
2.75 ins (top rim),
4.5 ins (spout-handle),
5 ins high


Tiny jug
1.75 ins (top rim),
2.75 ins (spout-handle),
2.25 ins high



Slop bowl
5 ins (top rim)
2.5 ins high

Octagonal shape


The octagonal slop bowl is shown below next to a circular one for comparison.

Slop or sugar bowl
4.75 ins (top rim)
2.25 ins high



The slop bowl is shown below next to two smaller sugar bowls

Small sugar bowls

3.375 ins,
1.75 ins high
(on right of photo)

2 .875 ins,
1.375 ins high
(on left of photo)

Coffee pot
8.25 ins high (top of lid)
6.25 ins (spout-handle),
2.625 ins (top rim)

"Worcester" shape

Shown below with
small jug (L) and
teacup (R)



7.25 ins high
(top of lid),
8.75 ins

"Worcester" shape




1.75 ins (top rim),
2.375 ins high



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