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Booths – Ming

A classic Chinese-influenced blue & white pattern dating from around 1916 and in production until at least 1929.

It is found in three distinct styles:

Booths Gallery

Booths Ming (blue & white) 
Booths Ming B&W Vases, Jugs, Teapots
Booths MIng (coloured)
Booths Ming Tableware (coloured) 

1. A floral border design with charming vignettes of small figures with pagodas, trees, bridges, boats, etc.

Mainly found on tableware, both with and without gilding.

This design is very similar to Frederick Rhead's Buddha pattern for Wood & Sons - in the photo on the right, a BUDDHA plate is shown below the MING plate.

2. A detailed landscape can also be found on certain items, including plates, with a different border, similar to the one in Booths Jacobean pattern.

Items featuring designs #1 and #2 are shown on this page (below).

3. Larger figures in oriental dress occur in the third version, found on vases, tea & coffee pots, jugs, tea caddies, etc. These have the same border as #2 - view examples.

All three designs were also produced in 'de-luxe' hand-coloured versions - view Coloured Ming.

Teacup & saucer
cup: 3.5 ins (top rim)
2.25 ins high
scr: 5.875 ins


Coffee cup & saucer
cup: 2.75 ins (top rim)
2.25 ins high
scr: 5 ins


MING saucers feature THREE different scenes in vignettes around the rim, as shown above and below.

Large platter or
tureen stand

12 x 10.25 ins

Unmarked, but
impressed BOOTHS


This item has TWO different scenes on the rim, both occurring twice


Dessert bowl
7.25 ins,
1.25 ins high

Impressed 1916


Large bowls and plates feature FOUR different scenes in the border vignettes, as shown in the details below...


The scene on the right is also depicted on the other side of the coffee cup above (but not the saucer).



Tea plate
7 ins

Impressed 1917



Dessert plates
9 ins

Gilded rim

Impressed 1917

£42 pair


Dessert plate
9.25 ins

Gilded rim and inner bands

Impressed 1927

£48 pair


Note unusual 'Old Ming' retailers mark (right).

The lavish gilding on these plates shows up best when photographed at an angle (left)


Dessert plate
With central landscape
9 ins

Fluted shape

Impressed 1922


Trinket pots with lids

Set of two,
large and small


3 ins (top rim),
3.375 ins high
(top of lid)


3 ins (top rim)
2 ins high
(top of lid)

Marked as shown,
no damage


chip under lid


Teapot stand
6.125 ins

Impressed 1928


Teapot is shown
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