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Georgian Willow is similar to Real Old Willow, but without the gold trim and inner band, the rim having a brown edging.

It can be distinguished from Real Old Willow by the presence of a BLUE inner band rather than a gold or brown one (see right).

The central design is identical to Real Old Willow apart from the willow tree which has a white trunk and branches, rather than blue. (see below). 

It was named Georgian Willow by William Parkin in his informative booklet 'The Earthenwares of Booths 1864-1948', although items are not marked with a pattern name (see Georgian Willow shape, below).

It is much harder to find than Real Old Willow.

Dinner plate
9.75 ins

Impressed 1932


Large meat plate
16.5 x 13 ins

Impressed 1931



Vegetable Tureen
7 ins (top rim),
10 ins wide
(between handles),
4.5 ins high
(top of lid)

The impressed mark
Rd 719459
dates this to 1926+

£75 (as new)

'Vellum' sauce tureen

The small sauce tureen shown left matches Georgian Willow exactly, but is in the Vellum pattern. It has a creamy coloured body and handpainted flowers in place of the Willow pattern.

For more details click here

Georgian Shape Willow

This pattern is unrelated to the above, and is generally found as toilet set items, like the toothbrush holder shown below. It is possible that the Georgian Willow pattern was wrongly named by Parkin, in confusion with this one. In their booklet 'The Story of Booths and Willow Pattern', Andrew and Olwyn Pye refer to Georgian Willow as Real Old Willow Variant A.

Toothbrush holder
5.5 ins high,
3.75 ins (widest)
3.25 x 2.75 ins
(oval opening)


The Willow scene is identical on both sides of this item.

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