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We specialise in the high quality earthenwares produced by this firm in Tunstall, Staffordshire, from 1891-1948, following on from earlier companies such as Thomas Booth & Son and TG&F Booth. In 1948 the firm merged with Colcloughs, and in 1955 with Ridgway, forming the short-lived Allied English Potteries, later taking the name of the Royal Doulton group. Pottery with Booths marks continued to be manufactured well into the 1980s.

Best known for the highly collectable Real Old Willow pattern, Booths produced hundreds of other beautiful and colourful patterns, many of which are now highly sought after by collectors.

On this website you can find details and photos of the following pre-1948 patterns:

Antique Pheasant- Battersea - Bristol
Black Oriental
- Black Willow - Black & Red Willow - British Scenery
Coloured Willow
- Davenport Willow - Flora - Fresian - Fruit d'Orient - Flying Geese
Georgian Willow
- Golden Pheasant - Hawthorn - Indian Ornament - Jacobean
Lowestoft Border - Lowestoft Deer - Lowestoft Fruits
Ming - Ming (coloured) - Mosaic Panel - Nankin - Netherlands
Old China - Pagoda - Parrot (green) - Parrot (yellow) - Pekin
The Pheasant
- Pompadour - Rajah - Real Old Willow - Rockery & Pheasant
Scale Blue - Scale Willow - Two Parrots - Turkish Decoration 
- Washington - Willow - Woodstock 

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Sample images of most of these patterns are shown below

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Booths Gallery

Indian Ornament
c. 1883-1906

Turkish Decoration
c. 1884-91

c. 1876-83

Scale Blue
c. 1913-28

Real Old Willow
c. 1906-99
Mosaic Panel
c. 1913-17
c. 1907-35
British Scenery
c. 1906-45

Black Willow
c. 1915-28

Black & Red Willow
c. 1927
Black Oriental
c. 1927

Scale Willow

Other Willows
Coloured Willow

Davenport Willow
Georgian Willow
c. 1926-32
Willow and
Vellum 1929+
 The Pheasant
c. 1924
Antique Pheasant
Golden Pheasant
Rockery & Pheasant
Two Parrots
Yellow Parrot
c. 1917-37
c. 1906-21 ?
Old China
c. 1931-2
c. 1917-37

Lowestoft Deer
c. 1916-35
Lowestoft Border
Lowestoft Fruits


c. 1916+
c. 1916-25

Coloured Ming
c. 1916+

c. 1906+
c. 1912+
Fruit d'Orient
c. 1920-25
c. 1917
c. 1923-35
c. 1925
c. 1940+
Flying Geese
c. 1931
c. 1920-39

Please note: The dates given above for each pattern are not intended to be definitive. The first date is the year of registration of the pattern (where known), or the earliest impressed date mark we have seen. The second date corresponds to the latest impressed date mark we have seen. For a note on dating the various Booths marks, please see the Real Old Willow page.

Other Booths patterns of interest to collectors include:

Chinese Tree - Dovedale - Dragon - Floradora - Flower Piece - Pinecone - Victoria...
and many others!

We regret that we do not usually tend to stock these. However, if you are searching for any special items, please let us know your wants and we will be happy to keep an eye out for you.

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We specialise in English tableware from the 1920s and 30s and ship worldwide from our base in London, UK.
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