Ashworth Bros - Coloured Willow (Chusan)

Pattern Nos B1365 & B9447

This Chinese-style pattern was produced with many variations by several ironstone manufacturers in the C19th and early C20th.

It has affinities with the famous Willow pattern (eg: the two Lovebirds) and is often known as Coloured Willow, although Ashworth items do not have a pattern name included in the mark.


The WEDGWOOD version of the pattern (see right) has the name Chusan incorporated into the backstamp.
To view examples of this design by Wedgwood and other makers see our Gaudy Willow page.

ASHWORTHS Coloured Willow was produced in two different patterns - B1365 and B9447 - these numbers are painted in small red figures on the reverse of most items.

The central transfer image is very similar in both patterns, but the copper master plates must have been re-engraved for the later 9447 pattern, as small differences can be seen in the design (see below), the most obvious being the green colouring on the 9447 rims.




Reddish brown hand-painted colouring on the whole circumference of the rim.

Alternating patches of reddish brown and green hand-painted colouring on the rim.

No fence under flowers at end of bridge.

Fence under flowers at end of bridge.



Three hairs on head of left-hand figure.

Two hairs on head of left-hand figure.


Small windows in central buildings

Larger windows in central buildings



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