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The firm of GL Ashworth & Bros Ltd was founded in 1862 in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, producing earthenware and ironstone, later becoming the manufacturers of the famous MASONS PATENT IRONSTONE CHINA, and using the Masons mark.

They continued to produce china with their own marks, however, and sometimes, as with the MANDARIN pattern the mark features BOTH names. The firm ceased trading in 1969.

Most of the items on these pages have an ASHWORTH backstamp. We do plan to add some MASONS items at a later date - watch this space!

In the gallery below you will find pictures of the following C19th and C20th patterns:

Bible - Chinese - Chinese Landscape - Coloured Willow (Chusan)
Double Landscape - Franklin (Old Japan Vase) - Flying Bird
Hizen (Woodpigeon) - Lidded Urn - Mandarin

Pagoda Tree - Peking Japan - Persiana - Prunus
Real Old Canton - Vase & Dragon

To view further photos and to browse our stock of any of these patterns
click on the PATTERN NAMES, or the IMAGES below

   Chinese Landscape  217 (Morley & Ashworth)
   Double Landscape  
   Coloured Willow (Chusan)  B1365, B9447
   Pagoda Tree  B3104
   Franklin (Old Japan Vase)  B3194, B3463, B6630
   Hizen (Woodpigeon)  B3560
   Peking Japan  B6107
   Persiana  B8946
   Flying Bird  B9441
   Bible  B9465
   Vase & Dragon  B9650, C4370
   Lidded Urn  
   Mandarin  C1979
   Real Old Canton  
   Unnamed pattern - Two Birds  B9757
   Unnamed pattern - Prunus  
   Unnamed pattern - Floral  


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